• Akwaaba
    Akwaaba is How we say Welcome in Ghana!
  • The Hippos of Wechiau
    Visit the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary
  • Safari Life
    Game watching is one the Experiences that will linger with you
  • Across the River
    We will take you deep into places that bring adventure
  • Estuaries
    Where the Waters Meet, where life is a sight, where you can not afford to miss any part of it... The Estuary
  • Sacred they Say!
    The monkeys of Boaben/Fiema and said to be sacred, Find out more!
  • Birds of All Kinds
    A Place for Birdwatchers. Ghana offers thousands of Birds to catch a shot of including the rare species of Rockfowl
  • Historical Mosque
    The oldest Most and Slave market in Ghana are in plan for you...
  • The Large Mammals
    Even the Huge Elephants of the Parks of Mole ere expecting you...
  • The Friendly Crocks
    Paga in Ghana is the place you can be friends with the crocodile and never be eaten... Come and see

Stephenson Amedzofe IMG 7818 edAmedzofe: Volta Region

where the sky is the limit

  • You’re welcome to this picturesque hilltop settlement of the extraordinary beauty , which rests at 2500 feet above sea level. It is an ideal location for tourists  looking for refreshing, near-temperate climate and panoramic views . Amedzofe is a 45-minute drive from Ho.
  • Activities:
  • Climb to top of Mt. Gemi and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding townships and the entire scenery.
  • Take a high adventure descent along a steep-sided mountain to cool and beautiful waterfall.
  • Learn about the history and traditions of the town , including the German occupation and influence in the town.
  • Hike through farm lands, forests and observe exotic flowers, birds and butterflies along the way.
  • Facilities include a lodge ,guesthouses and camping sites
Experience of the Culture of Mother Ghana
Swift Feets
Swift Feets
Get close enough to these swift footed creatures
Visits the Elephants of Mole National Park
Castles & Forts
Castles & Forts
A Country of Castles, Forts and Slave Dungeons

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