• Akwaaba
    Akwaaba is How we say Welcome in Ghana!
  • The Hippos of Wechiau
    Visit the Wechiau Community Hippo Sanctuary
  • Safari Life
    Game watching is one the Experiences that will linger with you
  • Across the River
    We will take you deep into places that bring adventure
  • Estuaries
    Where the Waters Meet, where life is a sight, where you can not afford to miss any part of it... The Estuary
  • Sacred they Say!
    The monkeys of Boaben/Fiema and said to be sacred, Find out more!
  • Birds of All Kinds
    A Place for Birdwatchers. Ghana offers thousands of Birds to catch a shot of including the rare species of Rockfowl
  • Historical Mosque
    The oldest Most and Slave market in Ghana are in plan for you...
  • The Large Mammals
    Even the Huge Elephants of the Parks of Mole ere expecting you...
  • The Friendly Crocks
    Paga in Ghana is the place you can be friends with the crocodile and never be eaten... Come and see

Stephenson Amedzofe IMG 7818 edAmedzofe: Volta Region

where the sky is the limit

  • You’re welcome to this picturesque hilltop settlement of the extraordinary beauty , which rests at 2500 feet above sea level. It is an ideal location for tourists  looking for refreshing, near-temperate climate and panoramic views . Amedzofe is a 45-minute drive from Ho.
  • Activities:
  • Climb to top of Mt. Gemi and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding townships and the entire scenery.
  • Take a high adventure descent along a steep-sided mountain to cool and beautiful waterfall.
  • Learn about the history and traditions of the town , including the German occupation and influence in the town.
  • Hike through farm lands, forests and observe exotic flowers, birds and butterflies along the way.
  • Facilities include a lodge ,guesthouses and camping sites
Visits the Elephants of Mole National Park
Experience of the Culture of Mother Ghana
Castles & Forts
Castles & Forts
A Country of Castles, Forts and Slave Dungeons
Swift Feets
Swift Feets
Get close enough to these swift footed creatures

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